About Us.

Stoneprods is a strategy-led video production company.

We give importance to the term strategy-led, because we understand the power of the right video reaching the right people.   


As a result of an aspirational freelance career launched fresh out of university in 2018, our founder Dan applied both technical and creative skillsets to head video campaigns for clients commissioning projects across a wide range of industries . Since then, we've collaborated with clientele ranging from from small start-ups to world famous brands on exciting marketing campaigns, festival after-movies and spectacular PR shoots.

As filmmakers, we work with brands and businesses to show the world what they've got.  We want to collaborate with our customers in order to produce on-target video solutions that reach tangible business results.


Why video?

Videos are pretty, they're fun & they make information a lot easier to process. 

That's why the masses go home after work and scroll, watch viral videos and Netflix binge; it's entertaining, easy, and requires absolutely zero effort.

Yet, somehow, they can tell you all of what happened in the 5 episodes of whatever series tickled their fancy last night?

Passive engagement, maximum retention

Understanding the power of video, audiences & distribution can be life or death for your campaign. No-one is going to watch a corporate training video posted on MySpace, at 3am on a Monday morning, nor should they. We can work with you to produce stunning campaigns that are tethered to maximise your ROI through tried and tested strategies, to avoid the pit-falls of online marketing.

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We've worked with a multitude of clients in an array of industries, so we thought we'd best put together a showreel to highlight this! You can check it out below:

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